We’re On The You Of The Tube’s!

Mister GQ Blogs has expanded over the past 2 months to YouTube, where we have two channels. (With not many subscribers right now)

Our first channel is dedicated to reviewing and breaking down TV shows. We like to hand pick our favorite shows to watch right now and how to stream them. The channel also features a complete breakdown of a show we are following. The current show for the fall/winter season breakdown is the CW’s Charmed.

There will be a follow up to this blog post about why we chose to follow “Charmed”. That blog will be included in a link in this blog when it becomes available.

You can view videos from my TV Review channel by clicking here. Please be sure to subscribe to my channel so that you can get all the latest videos.

The next channel under the GQ Bloggs umbrella is our product review channel. We wanted to create a channel that would feature products we feel would be helpful or useful to the viewer.

There are a lot of other You Tuber’s in the community right now who do product reviews, and I really can’t sell you on why we’re better. However I can tell you that we do exist and we have a lot to offer and hopefully grow to be a go-to channel to help people make educated decisions when shopping for gadgets.

There are already a few videos there on products you may find useful. If you decide you want to proceed to purchase said item the link to Amazon is provided below the video description.

Also if you visit this channel please don’t forget to subscribe. You can visit the Product Review channel here.

Thanks again for reading.