New Week, Still No Wendy Williams

Last week when Nick Cannon sub-hosted the Wendy Williams show, he explain to the audience that he spoke to Wendy and was updated on all of what’s going on with her.

But this news wasn’t taken lightly because Wendys staff has not talk to or seen Wendy. So the fact that she spoke to Nick Cannon got some of her staff very upset.

The show is still having substitute celebrity host’s with Sherri Sheppard hosting February 11th episode.

Here is the list of this weeks hosts.

As of right now, we don’t know if Wendy will return to her show. The show runners will continue to have guests hosts until the network decides to cancel the show.

There was another report that suggesting that Steve Harvey was in fact looking to move his show to Fox based on his issues with NBC. If the Wendy Williams show gets canceled he could possibly take her time slot.

The shows staff has also spoke out saying that Wendy isn’t authentic anymore, the biggest news right now is about her health and her husbands cheating. Since she won’t talk about it she would be a hypocrite if she returned to the show and air out other celebrities “dirty laundry” and not her own.

We took a poll over the weekend on our twitter page to see if people think Wendy will return to her show. Here are the results.

Although very few people voted, it seems that more people think this is the end of the Wendy Williams show.

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