(Update) Jussie Smollett In Exclusive Interview On GMA And Updates On the Investigation

Jussie Smollett spoke out in an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America to talk about his attack two weeks ago in a cold Chicago.

During the interview Jussie once again broke down the details that occurred up to the moment he was attacked.

The way he explains it, Jussie went out to get food after he arrived to Chicago. He mentions that he was on the phone with his manager who had apparently heard everything since he was still on the phone during the attack. He said after he left the subway that’s when he heard someone say “Empire!”. Jussie stated that he never answers to that, and the next thing he knows a man punched him in the face. Jussie stated that he fought back. Another man joined the fighting and Jussie describes that he was kicked and punched in the ribs.

After the tussle was over the men ran away. Jussie stated that the men were wearing ski mask so he couldn’t get a good description on how they looked.

You can watch part of the interview here on GMA’s website.

Jussie’s story received mixed reactions with some people saying that he didn’t tell the truth about the attack.

The other story suggests that Jussie was on a “hook up app” like Grindr and was going to meet up with a guy. However the guy was actually a catfish attempt to commit a hate crime against Jussie. This hasn’t been confirmed to be true at all, and although Jussie denied this claim he had also declined to surrender his phone records to determine the facts of who he was on the phone with to the Chicago police.

New reports surfaced from WGN Investigates. They have learned new details about the two men who are suspects on Jussie’s attack.

1) Both men are African-American

2) At least 1 of them is connected to the “Empire” show

New reports have surfaced and the suspects who are being questioned are from Nigeria, with one having worked as an extra on “Empire”. They are calling this a “staged” attack that Smollett had “allegedly” set up.

This just raises more questions like why would Smollett set up an attack like that?

“Media reports about the Smollett incident being a hoax are unconfirmed by detectives.” Supt Eddit Johnson went on the record with ABC Chicago to state “There is no evidence to support their reporting and their supposed CPD sources are uninformed and inaccurate”

The investigation on Jussie’s attack is still an ongoing developing story. We will continue to follow this story.

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