Marvel News Update

The new year is steaming up with fresh Marvel things to keep an eye on this year. In a previous blog about four Marvel animated shows on Hulu in development, we now learned about some castings for voices in the upcoming M.O.D.O.K series.

Patton Oswald will be the voice for M.O.D.O.K in the series. This is an excellent choice for the character in my opinion.

We also got a new teaser trailer for Cloak and Dagger season 2.

Some Avengers Endgame merch is calling the new suits “Advanced tech suits” This is more than likely a name that Marvel gave the company in charge of the merch so that it doesn’t give away a plot detail.

Also “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” season 6 has been moved up from premiering in July and is now premiering in May.

The Loki Series for Disney Plus will be showran by “Rick and Morty’s” Michael Waldron. Waldron will write the pilot, act as show creator and executive produce the series.

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