GOTG 3, Future MCU Films And More

During the press tour for “Captain Marvel, several questions were asked about what’s next for the MCU and beyond.

It was shared with CinemaBlend that James Gunn’s script for “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3” will, in fact, be used for the franchises third installment of the iconic James Gunn films.

James was supposed to lead the way in the MCU’s cosmic side of the universe but is no longer working with Marvel.

There is no information about the script that James wrote, however, Chris Pratt told MTV News that he read the text and that it was “Off the chain!”

Kevin Feige disclosed to that they have no plans to release a timeline for upcoming films until after all of 2019’s MCU films have hit theaters.

Feige did say that the studio already has ideas for where they want the franchise to go next over the next 5 or 6 years.

So as of now none of the movies for 2020 are officially official like “The Eternals” and “Black Widow” although we know that “Black Widow” is set to start filming this summer.

“The Eternals” is rumored to be directed by Chloe Zhao and written by Matthew K. Firpo and Ryan Firpo. Kevin Feige described The Eternals as an “ancient aliens” story and is also going to be set thousands of years in the past.

There were also reports that there will only be 2 MCU films with GOTG3 being shelved until the studio finds a director.

What do you think of the news so far? Who would you like to see direct Guardians of The Galaxy? What do you think about Marvel doing an “Eternals” film?

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