Marvels “Black Widow” Movie Won’t Be Rated R After All

During a quarterly earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned that the company is open to letting Marvel movies go beyond the PG-13 rating.

Iger’s statement added fuel to the fire that was a rumor that “Black Widow” would be Marvel’s first R rated film in the MCU.

In an exclusive intervew with during press for “Captain Marvel” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has now debunked that rumor.

“It never was going to be, somebody writes, I hear its R-rated! And everybody writes it up”

Although Iger’s statement may open the door for more possibilities of MCU films being rated R, its definitely not out of the question, especially with “Deadpool” already being rated R under Fox, and now that Disney has those characters again it looks like Marvel will continue to allows those movies to be R rated.

The “Black Widow” movie is being directed by Kate Shortland, it was supposed to start filming later this month but was pushed back to June. We should still expect “The Black Widow Movie” to hit theaters sometime in late 2020.

Were you hoping Marvel would shake it up a bit and give us an R-rated Black Widow film? What do you think now that its probably going to be rated PG-13? Let us know, tweet us @BloggsGq on Twitter.