Biggest Highlights from Last Nights Oscars

The Oscars last night served up some memorable fashion statements, and speeches that got the attention form “45”. There were also a lot of unexpected wins last night as well, from Marvels Black Panther taking home three Oscars, one for best costume design, best original score, and for best production design.

Billy Porter on the Red Carpet

Before the Oscars started there were some big fashion moments from celebs like Billy Porter (Pose). He shut down the red carpet with his tuxedo gown. Billy has made bold fashion statements before and people fall involve with him more and more every time. Trolls on social media both men and woman tried to spread their “toxic masculinity” because Billy had on a dress. Nobody seems to care, and I’m sure Billy is completely unbothered.

Chris Evens 2019 Oscars

One of the stars for the upcoming film “Avengers: Endgame” Chris Evens looking dapper in his green velvet. There was a photo posted of Chris wearing a blue tux, but this was an old photo. Looked current but definitely wasn’t 2019. Chris was also given props for being such a gentleman when he helped Regina King up the stairs to accept her award.

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry presented the best costume design category. When they hit the stage they had a very interesting choice of clothing.

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry presenting “Best Costume Design”

Each element from their “costume cluster” represented movies nominated this year. It’s was a sight to see.

Another funny moment from the Award show was when Keegan-Michael Key arrived from the sky, to present a musical performance from the movie “Marry Poppins Returns”.

Keegan-Michael Key

Kristen Ritter also sporting a noticeable baby bump. Yes, the Jessica Jones star is with child. Although her Marvel/Netflix show “Jessica Jones” has been canceled by the streaming service giant we do know that the last season of “Jessica Jones” will premiere later this spring.

Kristen Ritter on the Red Carpet

Spike Lee on the red carpet

Spike Lee won his first Oscar last night after being in the business for 30 years. For best-adapted screenplay “BlacKKKlansman”. He wore a purple suit to honor the great Prince. In the nominated movie “The BlacKKKlansman” a never released song by Prince was used for the end credits. Spike Lee said Prince gave him this song years ago, and Spike kept it until the right movie came along.

On Hollywoods biggest night, Universal’s “Green Book” also took home “Best Picture”

What was your favorite moment from the Oscars last night?

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