25 Year Old Woman’s Body Found In The Inner Harbor

According to the Baltimore Sun, BCPD has identified the woman whose body was recovered from the inner harbor Saturday morning as Alexandra Carroll.

Baltimore Police Department Marine Unit and Underwater Recovery Team pulled Carroll’s body from the harbor area near the Maryland Science Center.

Carol is a Federal Hill resident, police spokesman Detective Jeremy Silbert said “According to a Linked In profile under Carroll’s name, she worked as a registered nurse for University of Maryland Medical Center.

As of now detectives does not suspect foul play. It does appear that Caroll drowned in the harbor, an autopsy by the Chief Medical Examiner will determine her cause of death.

Several other confirmed deaths of people who fell into the harbor have been reported to happen around the same areas.

Baltimore City has committed to spending about $125k to install harbor safety equipment around high foot traffic areas.

The Baltimore Sun reporters Jacques Kelly and Talia Richman contributed.

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