My Thoughts On “Anthem” By BioWare, Don’t Waste Your Money Just Yet

Ever since Mass Effect, BioWare has proven to its followers that they will continue to produce some of the best games.

The Mass Effect trilogy was amazing, both gameplay and story. Then there was Andromeda, and although it was a move in the right direction, it seemed to fall for numerous reasons.

So now we have “Anthem” a completely new adventure from BioWare. The game itself looked amazing when we saw it at E3 years ago. Now that we have it, it’s not living up to the expectations.

My first disappointments came from the inability to fully customize your character. The character customization in the Mass Effect was very detailed, but for some reason, BioWare decided to leave out a large chunk of customization controls in Anthem.

Game navigation is poor although the game sends you straight into a starter mission, once you get to the actual game you’re kind of left feeling lost. There’s no system in place that will help you find your way to important missions, another issue I would was that you can’t set a waypoint.

Some of the missions I did play were repetitive. You show up you hold your place for a while, shoot some things, and move on to another place where you do the same thing. Then you get to a large creature that takes a while to kill. That’s it that’s the game.

I also found it hard to start main missions when in free roam mode. There are some challenges that will arise when you are traveling around the world but they are just there to help you loot some stuff that’s it.

Also, the loading screens are outrageously long. I timed a full 2-3 minute wait time between missions and moving to other areas of the map.

The only cool thing about the game is the javelin. The suits your character uses in a battle that gives you amazing abilities. The flight mechanics are great, makes traveling and moving around the area smooth.

Anthem has potential to be a great game, it’s definitely fixing up to be better than Destiny (yeah I said it). BioWare can clean this up with a few patches and bug fixes. However, at its current state Anthem is not work the $60 dollars BioWare is charging for it.

With so many bad reviews and reactions for the game, the price could drop significantly over the next 6 months. So if your looking get a copy, I would suggest waiting it out for a while.

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