Husband and Stepdaughter Are Charged With Murder of Jacquelyn Smith

Back in December of 2018, a Baltimore woman was stabbed by a panhandler when Smith gave them money. Smith was stabbed to death on December 1st in the John Square in East Baltimore.

The husband, Keith Smith called 911 and later told police that he and his wife, along with his daughter, Valeria Smith, were driving when they saw a woman standing on the side of the road carrying what looked like a baby wrapped in a blanket.

Keith told police that they pulled over and his wife handed the woman $10 dollars. Keith said that he noticed a man standing next to the woman, however, it never crossed his mind that he and his wife were being set up. He said in an interview after the killing.

After a lengthy investigation, Baltimore Police allege it was Keith Smith along with his daughter, who was responsible for Jacquelyn Smith’s murder.

Keith and his daughter were arrested near the U.S. Mexico border in Harlingen, Texas and now face charges of first-degree murder.

Keith’s brother Marcel doubted the alleged attack, saying in a phone interview that he noticed something was wrong from day one. Marcel also stated that the killing could have been for some kind of financial gain.

The Baltimore Police have not commented on how they determined Keith and Valeria Smith were responsible for the death of Jacquelyn. Sources say Keith and his daughter staged the stabbing, however, no motive has been reviewed.

Keith and his Jacquelyn were both parts of the Helping Hands Ministries Church in Baltimore of Churchville, where Jacquelyn’s memorial service was held on December 7th.

The Investigation is still ongoing.

Source ABC News and Fox 45 Baltimore.

Bill Hutchinson and Matt Zarrell

We will keep you updated as more information is provided.

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