Wendy Is Back And She’s The Hot Topic

The Wendy show got their host back.

Wendy returned to her chair to discuss the biggest hot topic of 2019, her self.

When Wendy returned to her show this morning she had a large and warm welcome from her audience.

She discussed the biggest news about her self. Continuing the story about her health issues and about her family. She also talked about her marriage with Kevin and how it’s stronger than ever.

Wendy showed an old photo of her and Kevin basically fat shaming her-self saying that that’s how she and Kevin looked back then and they have been married for over 25 years.

She never talked about the rumors surrounding her absence from her show. She only stuck to her story about her health and how she needed to take care of her self more.

Then she went on to give her input on the Jussie Smollett case, shifting the focus to something she has yet to weigh in on.

Do you think Wendy isn’t being completely honest about her personal life and about what happened? Or do you think she deserves to keep her private life private?

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