Wonder Woman Director Showing Captain Marvel Love

Although fanboys like to think that Marvel and DC are rivals both have continued to show love and support for each other’s work.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said in a interview that he doesn’t see a rivalry, just two amazing movie companies making groundbreaking movies and that he had just finished watching “Aquaman”.

In a tweet posted today by the director of “Wonder Woman” Patty Jenkins sharing her love and support for Captain Marvel and sharing some fan art.

“Congrats team Captain Marvel! Can’t wait to see it and our whole WW team wishes you a great weekend. Love this gorgeous piece by @SamoanJYandall!”

Although Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are from two completely different comic book franchises we love them both. In a world where others will try to compare who and what is better, were just here for the movies and dreams coming true.

We can all show our support for hard work and dedication of both franchises for delivering some of the best of what comic book movies have to offer so far.

Captain Marvel hits theaters everywhere Friday and tonight in some areas.

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