Facebook Including Other Associated Apps Are Experiencing Outages

You may have noticed today if you tried to open your facebook page or Instagram that the apps aren’t loading or are having issues.

It seems that the server that runs Facebook and its associated applications like Instagram are having data issues.

According to THR, Facebook is aware of the outages and are working to restore them. According to downdector.com (a website that monitors websites), the outages started around 12 pm on Wednesday all across the U.S. parts of Europe and other areas.

Both the Facebook app and the website were not working. Some users saw a message that said “Facebook was down for required maintenance”

Some services have been restored for some users however others are still reporting problems.

As of 9:30 pm on the east coast, users are still reporting that Instagram is not loading.

This type of outage looks like a ransom hack that is done by hackers who are requesting money in exchange to restore services. Facebook used its Twitter account to say that Facebook is not being hacked.

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