Baltimore Mayor Pugh Under Fire

Mayor of Baltimore Catherine Pugh resigned from her position on the board of directors at University of Maryland Medical System after coming under fire for failing to fully disclose the $500,000 business relationship she has with the system. UMMS brought $100,000 in copies of her self-published book series, “Healthy Holly”

According to The Baltimore Sun, Catherine Pugh’s campaign finance records show that Healthy Holly LLC gave a $5,000 check to Pugh’s Campaign in November 2015. The company contributed to Carter’s campaign last June and to Olszewski’s in August. It also gave $40 to the B.E.S.T. Democratic Club PAC in 2016.

Carter started a storm regarding conflicts of interest at the medical system by introducing a legislation that would make it illegal for board members to gain profits from contracts with the hospitals they govern.

In most hospitals executives CEO’s and all employees should not be contracted in to a deal for a product or sevice they they provide because its a conflict of interest if they gain profit from the good or service.

Catherine Pugh has two businesses, the book company and a thrift store 2 Chic Boutique that is located in Pigtown Baltimore City.