MCU News Update: Everything Happening Right Now

We’re now on the road to Endgame.

Marvel Studios 4th Avengers film is coming in just 5 weeks they are already pushing out promo videos via social media.

This means that the press tour should be starting sometime late next week or the first week in April. Cast members will appear on various different talk shows to talk about their projects and as much as they are allowed to say about Avengers Endgame.

Marvel Studios is still currently not filming anything for 2020, although casting has started for the upcoming “Black Widow” film. The film starring Scarlett Johansson was supposed to start filming in late February however it was delayed. It is expected to begin filming later this Summer.

James Gunn is returning to the MCU and will be directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, however, we will have to wait at least 3 years. Due to scheduling conflicts with Gunn’s prior engagement with the DC film Suicide Squad (Reboot) filming for Guardians, 3 is reported to start in 2021, so don’t expect to see the film until sometime late 2022!

A new hero is on the horizon at Marvel Studios. It almost seems like Kevin Feige wants to introduce a new hero every year or so. Even though we know Black Widow, we are going to know her history when her movie is complete.

We’re also learning that the next big hero in the MCU will be Asian. “Shang-Chi” will be Marvels first Asian superhero to join the MCU. Dave Callahan has been chosen to write the screenplay, and Marvel is already looking for an Asian or Asian American director to helm the film. Their goal is to do a similar thing as they did with Black Panther. Getting people familiar with Asian and Asian-American culture.

Shang-Chi made his first debut in Marvel Comics “Special Marvel Edition #15 in 1973. He is a master of Kung Fu and was privately tutored by various martial arts masters. Shang-Chi was trained to be an assassin for his criminal mastermind father. Shang-Chi had also aligned himself with the likes of the X-Men and the Marvel Knights at one point.

Marvel Studios can now add X-Men, Fantastic 4, and Deadpool characters to the mix. On Wednesday the Disney and Fox merger completed. Now Disney fully owns 21st Century Fox and Fox Studios. The merger brought back character rights to Marvel Studios who can now incorporate them into the MCU. Reports suggest that all of the current X-Men characters will be recast for future Marvel X-Men film, while Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” character will continue to be portrayed by the actor after new contracts are complete.

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