Shazam! – Movie Review

Shazam is the DECU’s newest addition to the franchise. Zachary Levi plays a superhero named Shazam, however, he’s a kid who stumbles into an underground cave where he finds an ancient wizard who needs to pass his powers of the Greek Gods to him.

The storyline is predictable at baseline, then the kid gets summoned by a wizard, the wizard gives him powers, but the kids are still a kid even though he looks like a full grown man. The foster child storyline was heartfelt at warm, gave the film a different pace and feeling. We get to see why the bad guy is a bad guy thanks to a generous chunk of the movie set aside for small character development.

Mark Strong’s character (Dr. Thaddeus Sivana) for lack of better words wasn’t strong enough for me in his film. I felt his portrayal of Dr. Thaddeus could have been better. He was definitely evil and corrupted by greed and jealousy but he didn’t feed off of those emotions enough. I would have liked to see more from this character instead of his primary mission.

DCEU always surprises me with its minimal use of CGI. You can tell from the very beginning not a lot of CGI was used, and it made the film feel more authentic and real. Shazam’s suit was real, most of the normal scenes in the film is just Zachary Levi in the suit. Some action scenes like flying and fighting in the sky were substituted with CGI of course definitely believable for a film.

The film was set in Philadelphia and the cameras captured the beauty of Philly. The essence of the kid turned superhero was captured on film the way it should. Some of the grander moments could have used more wide angles so the audience could see more but for what’s given we can ignore that.

David F. Sandberg’s direction was safe while changing the game on storytelling for a superhero film. While Shazam wasn’t a cookie cutter origin story, the film couldn’t avoid some of the key points of the character like how Billy got to become Shazam. The emotional tone of the film was heartfelt and warm while some parts were unexpected and a bit of a tear jerker.

Shazam is definitely a film you would want to watch again. It was funny, heartwarming, beautifully shot, and well made. The film is full of surprises and keeps you watching. The DC Extended Universe has another great film to add to their roster.

Were giving Shazam! a stunning 9/10

You can see Shazam! in theaters starting on April 5th.

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