New “Us” Theory Gives Us A Shocking Discovery!

Jordan Peele’s “Us” took the world by storm last weekend and sparked some new fan theories regarding the tethered and the meaning behind the film.

This fan theory comes from a Reddit user who made some interesting observations about one of the film’s characters Jason Wilson.

reddit user /r/FanTheories said this “I believe the summer before the movie takes place, the boy (Jason) and his ‘tethered’ also switched places. At the end of the film, he has realized that his mother, at one point has also switched bodies. She gives him a look almost like ‘I also know what you know’. Then he puts on his mask as a symbol of the masks they will now wear for the rest of their lives.”

This could explain why Jason couldn’t do the magic trick. He should have known how to do it. Other Reddit users pointed out that during the beach scene Jason wasn’t building sand castles, he was digging tunnels in the sand. This could link the character to the tethered subterranean home. Also, Pluto is the only member of the tethered family who does not try to murder his double. When they are sent to play, they engage in the mirroring game, they seem to share a closer bond than Zora and Gabe’s double.

Another thing about Jason that should be pointed out, is that every time tethered Jason tried his magic trick with the trick lighter and failed. Pluto matched the movement and suffered burns because of it.

We later learn that in the world of Us, the tethered are a failed underground experiment, intended to be used to control the untethered population above ground. This just raises another question, like who is orchestrating this?

The only way to truly know what’s going on is to go to see “Us” again.

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