The Twilight Zone (2019) Impressions, Review of First Episode “The Comedian”

The Twilight Zone Season 1

Episode 1 (Released April 1st, 2019)

Written by Alex Rubens

Directed by Owen Harris

The story surrounds a comedian named Samir (Kumail Nanjiani) who does his stand-ups at a comedy club. While his stand up acts are based on unfunny but intended to be jokes they fall short. Samir thinks if he changes how he delivers his jokes that he will get the laughs he is craving.

CBS All Access shouldn’t have chosen this episode to show for free to get new customers. The episode doesn’t grab your attention. It drags in the beginning so I was immediately bored with the episode during the first 10 minutes. Though in order to give feedback I pressed on. I finally realized what the story was about. Samir made a deal with the devil in return the things he joked about vanished in real life.

“The Comedian” is definitely an episode you want to pay attention so you can follow the story. It’s already not one of my favorites. I will be writing a review on the second episode later this week so look out for that.

If you don’t have CBS All Access you won’t be able to watch the new Twilight Zone, however, “The Comedian” is available on Youtube right now.

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