What We Think Is Happening In Avengers Endgame

We’re already 3 weeks away from watching Avengers Endgame. With that will come new TV spots, some with remixed versions of the trailers we’ve already seen but with different music of dialogue.

We should all know by now Marvel will make us think something is happening in a film when it isn’t. Trailers use footage from the film, and then some footage that is made up exclusively for the trailers. (We learned that with the Wakanda running scene in the trailer for Infinity War that actually never happened in the film)

It’s safe to say we think we know what could be going on but we actually don’t. I will try to break down what I think is happening in the film based on the trailers we’ve gotten so far.

When the first Avengers Endgame trailer came out we learned that Tony was stranded with Nebula aboard the Benetar. They have run out of food and water and didn’t know how long they were going to be able to survive, we later learned in a TV spot that Nebula and Tony rig something in the ship that will help them get back to Earth.

On Earth at the Avengers base, Steve, Nat, Roady, Thor, and Bruce are monitoring the rising numbers of individuals that have gone missing. While this is happening Steve is running groups with people who were not snapped but have losses a loved one. I think that during this time Scott Lang shows up with this van, then Carol Danvers shows up following the page she got from Fury.

I think they brief each other on everything that has happened. Scott explains what happened with him in the Quantum Realm, Nat explains about the events of the war in Wakanda, and Carol explains how she knows Fury and possibly what she’s been doing “up there all this time”

Then at some point, Tony and Nebula arrive on the Benetar. Pepper must be with the rest of the Avengers because in the new first look video we saw today, she is hugging a malnourished Tony after they arrive back to Earth. Then Rocket holds hands with Nebula who is sitting on the stairs of the Benetar, this is when he realized the rest of the Guardians did not survive.

We know the trailers will only show bits from the first 20 minutes of the film. That’s not a lot of time considering the movie is clocked at 3 hours. Which means there is a ton of other scenes we won’t see until the film comes out.

Here’s where it might get confusing. My guess is that the Avengers make several attempts to reverse what Thanos did which is why we see such a big time lapse. We know there is a large lapse in time by looking at Black Widows hair. She’s still rocking that blonde bob in the beginning, then in another clip she’s rocking a slightly longer ponytail, then in another clip, her hair is long again and red but with blonde tips, like she stopped caring for her hair at that moment.

There is an explosion that happens in some scenes, speculations suggests its the Avengers’ facility or some other place. There is a scene with Ant-Man jumping around an explosion there are aux cables and pencils along with other debris which makes us think there at some facility. Again all that stuff was CGI so it was probably put there to throw us off. Just like they did with the scene where Spider-man was flipping past debris and structures in Infinity War, but he was actually saving his new friends in the film.

In the first look trailer, we don’t get to see the Quantum suits, but we think that scene is the last time the team sets out with a fix-it plan.

Still there is a lot we dont know. We do know the Avengers will somehow make things right, but at what cost?

So what do you think, or are you just ready to see the damn movie like I am?

Avengers Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, some as early as 7 pm on April 25. Check your local theater because tickets are going fast.

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