[SPOILERS] Scene Discriptions From Avengers Endgame

During the Disney Studios Cinema-Con segment persons who were able to attend the event got to see an exclusive look at Avengers Endgame. The second scene description is from a Reddit user who claims to work for Marvel in some way.


You’re still here? Ok then.

The following scene description comes from Cinema-Con exclusive clip.

Steve, Thor, Carol, Nat, James, Bruce, Nebula, and Rocket are all standing around a room in the Avengers HQ. Carol is informed of what Thanos has done and she wants to leave right away to kill Thanos. Nat wants to work as a team, and Steve realizes, “Up there is more her territory, she might know people who know who Thanos is. Nebula interjects “You need not bother, I know where Thanos is. Thanos made me like this, to please him even when I was disassembled, when his plan was complete he would go to a place called “THE GARDEN”

A hologram comes up, Rocket shows that two days ago a similar energy signature of the snap was tracked on another planet. He has used the stones again. Carol wants to use the stones to bring everyone back.

Bruce is hesitant then Carol says “Because before, you didn’t have me” James interjects “Hey new girl, everybody in this room is about that superhero life if you don’t mind me asking, where the hell where you before all of this? “I’ve been helping other planets who, unfortunately, don’t have a hero” Thor holds out his hand to summon Stormbreaker and stays “I like this one”

Well, let’s go get that son of a bitch!” Steve says.

The team hatches a plan to retrieve the stones from Thanos by going directly to where he is. Bruce says “If we do this we’re going to be short-handed” Nat say “We owe this to everyone not in this room to try, it might be our only chance”.

[Endgame theme plays]

The Benetar is then seen heading into space. All of the Avengers except Tony is onboard. Black Widow, Cap, and Rhodes have never been into space. They approach a jump, and the ship speeds off.”


I believe this scene takes place early in the film, however, it looks like their plan fails early on, so they go back to the base to conceive a new plan.

This second scene description comes from a Reddit user who allegedly works for Marvel Studios in post-production. The way the scene plays out it could possibly take place before the events of Infinity War.

The scene takes place on Xandar, war is raging as Thanos and the Black Order are attempting to retrieve the power stone from Nova Core. Thanos doesn’t have the gauntlet, however, he is in full body armor and wielding his double-edged greatsword. Steve says “I don’t think we’re going to win this one”. Tony says “Then what do you suggest we do, because we’re down to the wire here” then Steve says “Then lets cut the wire” At that moment Thanos approaches Tony and Steve but suddenly Thanos is knocked back by an energy blast as Carol flies in carrying a box. She gives the box to Tony who then gives it to War Machine. War Machine inserts the box into a bigger machine and a blast comes from it covering the whole screen in white.


This scene suggests that the Avengers travel to the past, around the moment Thanos tries to retrieve the first stone from the Nova Core. Remember during Infinity War, Thanos already retrieved it. Then Thor had explained to the Guardians that Thanos decimated Xander to get the stone. So this scene would give us a glimpse into this occurrence that we have not seen. It would be the perfect opportunity to stop Thanos before he collects all the stones.

Both of these scenes could slightly be slightly different by the time we watch Endgame in 3 weeks.

Avengers Endgame hits theaters on April 26th worldwide and is officially clocking at 3 hours and 58 seconds.

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