Does Ant-Ant Man and Domino Share The Same Superpower?

Some of our heroes are super strong, some are literally gods, some are trained assassins, or super smart. Some can use magic and some have enhanced superhuman abilities.

But not Ant-Man.

Scott Lang in the MCU is a common criminal turned superhero, after he stumbles upon a high tech suit that shrinks and grows and gives him the proportionate strength of an ant. You can say he is a master at stealing shit that doesn’t belong to him, but he wasn’t so lucky when he got caught on the wrong side of the law fighting alongside Captain America during the Civil War.

My theory: Does Scott Lang have a superpower outside of this “stolen” Pym tech suit?

My thoughts came up after watching Deadpool 2, and finding out that Domino’s superpower is LUCK! That’s right her power is literally luck. She was constantly avoiding death throughout the film and she was badass at it.

Then I thought about Ant-Man and his special skill outside of being a master at breaking into things and taking stuff.

Scott is not a trained fighter, only fighting skills he learned was from Hope. Wasp is still 10x better than him in fighting.

Scott is better at trusting his gut, going for it, and hoping for the best. He kind of takes a leap of faith every time and gets lucky when the outcome is in his favor.

Scott was able to get out of the Quantum realm when nobody else could because he was LUCKY, not smart.

Scott also avoided the decimation because he was what… LUCKY enough to be in the Quantum realm at the right time when the snap happened.

So there you have it guys, Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and Neena Thurman aka Domino shares the same superpower.

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