Updates on Disney Plus and the MCU

Disney Plus streaming service is set to roll out sometime in November according to new information from the Wall Street Journal.

Software developers for the service were told to “dial back other projects to make sure the service can handle millions of subscribers when it launches.

Disney plus will include many new original programming from Star Wars and the MCU.

Another announcement on the MCU side. It’s now being reported that Jeremy Renner will be training the next Hawkeye in a new Disney Plus show.

According to Variety, Jeremy Renner will be passing the mantle over to a new Hawkeye. A show currently in development for Disney Plus. The series will tell an “adventure” story focused on Clint Barton, as he trains a young woman named Kate Bishop to become the new Hawkeye.

In the Marvel comic universe, Kate assumed the Hawkeye identity and joined the Young Avengers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe spinoffs for Disney Plus are rumored to be somewhere between six and eight episodes long. The Marvel Disney Plus shows will be more connected to the films, with most of the second tier characters like Clint coming back to the MCU on the small screen.

If Disney wants to compete with Netflix, they would have to not only have a wide variety of content, they would have to offer pricing that would be less than Netflix.

Since Netflix is jacking up prices to keep up with their original content, they are losing customers, while services like Hulu has kept their prices the same. Hulu is also a different kind of streaming service because companies like Comcast/NBC, AT&T/Warner Media, and Walt Disney all own a portion of it and their content is available on it next day.

Will you be ditching Netflix if Disney Plus is better? Or will you spend the extra coin and keep both?

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