Can Disney Plus Really End Netflix?

After the new streaming service was announced and we were given a price and a launch date, the stocks in Netflix dropped the next day.

Disney has severed their relationship with Netflix causing Netflix to loose all of Disneys content over time. All remaining Disney content on Netflix will be phased out by the end of the year.

Disney is giving us access to everything they own on one platform, for a modest fee.

Disney Plus streaming service will be in our homes this holiday season. We will be able to watch all of our favorite classic tv shows and films made within the Mouse House.

Since Disney also acquired 21 Century Fox, they now have the streaming rights to all of Fox’s movie and TV shows. This will give them more content to make available on the service.

Studios Disney Owns

Walt Disney Pictures


Marvel Studios (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Lucasfilm (Star Wars)

Fox Searchlight Pictures

20th Century Fox

Fox Star Studios

Fox Studios Australia

Zero Day Fox

Walt Disney Animation Studios


20th Century Fox Animation

Blue Sky Studios

Since Disney now owns more mainstream studios than Netflix, do they have the power to dominate the streaming game?

Netflix is still currently dominating the streaming service business, although customers are not happy with their increasing prices. Currently, Netflix charges $12.99 to stream HD content over 2 devices simultaneously, and you could pay up to $17.99 if you upgrade to their 4K multi screen plan.

Netflix 4K plan is good however they don’t have enough 4K content to justify charging extra for 4K.

Netflix acquired ABQ Studios in 2018, and it is the only studio they currently own. Most of Netflix content comes from outside filmmakers looking to use the platform to share their work. Netflix also has ongoing streaming contracts with Warner studios and CBS. They are only contracted in to the service not brought.

Disney did not provide specific information about their streaming service specs, so we’re going to assume all of their content will stream in HD 1080p for now.

When Disney Plus launches in November, Netflix will still be the best streaming service out there. Only time will tell how many people will leave Netflix after Disney Plus gets a few years under their belt.

Or Disney could just buy Netflix since they brought everything else.

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