“No More Mutants” Fox Has Cancelled The X-Men Series

It was announced yesterday that the X-Men Fox series “The Gifted” has been canceled there will be no third season.

The news came as a shock considering the series season 2 ending was setting up something bigger on the horizon.

The show itself wasn’t getting much headway on viewership, and it wasn’t compelling enough to draw audiences to the TV. However, die-hard Marvel fans still enjoyed the series.

Personally, I watched the first season sporadically and the second season I didn’t catch up until the very end.

The show had potential but it struggled with in-depth storylines and a big chunk of the episodes was boring, in my opinion.

Part of the show’s cancellation could have been due to the Disney/ Fox merger. Fox owned the rights to the X-Men franchise but now that Disney owns Fox they probably made the executive decision to end the show so that Marvel Studios could work on reviving an X-Men show or movie that ties into the MCU.

Since Disney owns all of Fox’s content I wouldn’t be surprised if the series ended up on Disney Plus.

Disney also owns the majority of Hulu, now that fox is out. NBC Universal and Disney brought out AT&T’s stake in the streaming service and they split that 10% amongst themselves.

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