You May Have Missed This Small Detail About The Doctor Strange Movie

As I am rewatching one MCU movie a day in preparation for Avengers Endgame, I noticed things that I never noticed before.

One of those things I noticed was the reasoning behind Doctor Strange getting into a car accident. The obvious reason was that he was driving fast, reckless and distracted. There were other cars on the road, and although it looked like he wasn’t paying attention it seems as though another vehicle clipped him and his vehicle flung off the road into a ditch.

Now think back to Captain America Winter Soldier. Agent Sitwell was apprehended by Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon around the time SHIELD was being taken over by Hydra. Sitwell disclosed a number of people that were viewed as severe threats to Hydra. Steven Strange was one of those people.

Although Stevens accident seemed just an accident it could have been an attempt to take his life or render him useless as a Doctor. It seemed as though Steven’s driving behavior is something he does all the time, so it couldn’t have been a mere accident, or was it made to look like an accident?

I rewatched the car accident scene several times and all the evidence does make it look like it was Stevens fault but still something about Doctor Strange being a future threat to Hydra even before he could harness magic doesn’t make sense. Could Arnim Zola predict that Steven Strange would become Sorcerer Supreme?

It could have been a Hydra agent that caused the accident all along. Hydra is still a problem in the MCU despite being defeated by Secret SHIELD Agents and the Avengers taking down several Hydra bases.

A Doctor Strange 2 film is in the works within the next 5 years of Marvel Studio projects although it has not been officially announced. Benedict Cumberbatch was also noted to have shot scenes for Avengers Endgame so its a possibility that we will see Steven Strange return in the upcoming film.

Avengers Endgame will be in theaters everywhere this Friday, April 26th!

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