Elizabeth Olsen Shares Details About “Wanda Vision” on Disney Plus

During the world premiere event on Monday for Avengers Endgame, Variety spoke with Elizebeth Olsen about the upcoming Disney Plus show “Wanda Vision”.

Olsen said she and Bettany are both very excited about working together again on the series, and that they are supposed to start shooting episodes sometime in the Fall.

Olsen also stated that the show has great writers working on it and they are pulling from a few comics. The show is also going to have a 50’s vibe to it.

Olsen had mentioned last year during a press tour for Avengers Infinity War that she wanted to do a “House of M” type of storyline, so we will see where this show will lead us.

There are no other details about the series yet until Avengers Endgame has had some months behind its premiere, to avoid possible spoilers.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige mentioned that the Disney Plus Marvel shows will be an interwoven part of the MCU.

The other slated shows coming soon for Marvel Disney Plus section are “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, and a Hawkeye show is also in the works.

Disney Plus streaming service will launch on November 12th and will cost only $6.99 per month.

For now, you can PROBABLY catch Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackey and Sebastian Stan in Avengers: Endgame tomorrow in theaters.

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