(NON SPOILER) Avengers Endgame Review

No words can fully express how amazing Avengers Endgame was. I’ve seen it 3 times already so that I can fully understand whats going on in the film.

This is a NON-spoiler review, a second breakdown review will post later next week, that will be provide spoiler content.

Avengers Endgame is the conclusion to Marvel Studios Infinity Saga story arc. All of Marvel Studios 21 films have been leading to his moment, and this film takes you on an emotional epic journey.


The beginning of the film picks up during the final moments of Avengers: Infinity War, providig a continuation of thoes events. The first act is a bit slow for a casual viewer. Some people may not have appriciated the pacing of the movie especially for a Marvel film. I felt it was a very important element for the storys development. If you havent watched all 21 MCU films then you may not understand the full scope of things that are happening in the film. Knowing the lead up to Avengers Endgame gives you a better perspective of the film’s importance.

The movie also creates its own rules for specific plot points in the film breaking the mold of traditional storytelling and use of plot devices. I’ll get into those later in my spoiler review.


Our star-studded cast put on an amazing performance from start to finish. Pushing every emotion, making you feel all the feels. This is probably some of the best performances I’ve seen from these actors so far.

Relatable Characters

Loss is a universal feeling, and as we already know our remaining cast members have suffered an unspeakable loss. Many viewers can relate to these characters just by being reminded of the events of 911 and any other catastrophic event that has occurred that took many lives. Even though the “vanished” individuals of the MCU were just removed from existence people still felt that they were not coming back. Either way, I feel that viewers will be able to relate the characters on an emotional level.

Stunts, Animation and or CGI

The 3rd act is by far the biggest action sequence I have ever seen and most likely the best I’ve seen in cinematic history. Not just for a superhero film but for all action and science fiction movies. The stunts and CGI were done very well. I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed a few things that I felt could have used more attention with the de-aging technology and the CGI with faces and heads in robotic suits. Sometimes CGI can’t replace the real thing, and Marvel Studios drowns their movies in CGI. Don’t get me wrong, CGI technology is the best thing that has happened to movies, however, there is that small attention to detail that greatly improves the viewing experience.


Trent Opaloch the cinematographer for Avengers Endgame, had done a superb job with how the movie was filmed and how to capture the vast scale of scenes and the atmosphere.


The Russo Brothers have once again done an amazing job with the film, its pacing was appropriate for the setting of the film, the emotional tone of the film was captured, the humor was timed well, and the overall feel of the film was greatly received by viewers.

Rewatch Value

Compared to the rewatch value of Avengers Infinity War, I can say this film felt way different than the previous film because of the pacing. Like I said before, it was important for the story for the first act to be paced in this way. However after seeing the movie three times, it wasn’t difficult to watch at all, and I could watch it again and again.

Overall Impressions

The audience reactions were overwhelming in my theater. Full of pure joy, delight, and sadness. The third act was by far the best moment in the movie and is the ultimate payoff to 11 years of Marvel films. I enjoyed every moment of the movie, from beginning to end. It’s definitely, in my opinion, the movie of the decade.

Total Score 10/10

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