Who Else Spotted This Strange Object In Last Nights Game Of Thrones

Last night during Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4, a bazaar object was spotted in the first 18-20 min into the episode.

During the celebration scene of the episode, you can clearly spot what looks like a Starbucks coffee cup sitting on the table near where Daenerys was sitting. It looks as if it was there for a brief moment, possibly during changing angles Emilia Clarke who played “Daenerys” took a sip of coffee in between takes and forgot it was there.

We don’t know if this was an editorial mistake, or if it was placed there purposely. Many people suggest that the crew were getting lazy and forgot to remove the cup, I mean they made us wait over a whole year while they filmed these last 6 episodes and couldn’t remove an abnormal object from the scene. Even still, there is a way to digitally remove unwanted objects from a scene and this could have been just an oversight.

This particular episode was also the lowest-rated episode for GOT history. Could they be losing their edge? Follow and tweet us BloggsGq