The STUPID Reasons Why Some People Can’t Stand Brie Larson and Captain Marvel

Brie Larson

We all were ecstatic when Brie Larson was cast to play Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2015.

Now that we have seen her in interviews, and in her movies not everyone is growing to like her.

Personally, I love Brie. I fight for her rightful place in the MCU as Captain Marvel.

I love Carol Danvers, we got to see how she fits in the MCU with her origin film “Captain Marvel”. Then we got to see Carol again in “Avengers: Endgame” fighting the good fight against Thanos.

Most of the stupid reasons why some people can’t stand Brie Larson is because she seems over confident and they think she has this grandiose attitude. Brie is outspoken although she says she is an introvert. She advocates for more diversity in film making. Most people think she has a condescending attitude in the public but that’s not true.

Brie may have a certain attitude in regards to her own political and social views but she is in no way condescending.

Internet trolls have taken to social media specifically YouTube to express why they hate Brie Larson, even going to lengths by saying that her Avengers: Endgame costars “can’t stand her” attempting to damage her foothold in the MCU.

Trolls tried to damage her film “Captain Marvel” by looking for reasons why they shouldn’t like her and then exploiting thoes reasons.

Days before Captain Marvel hit theaters, trolls were able to review the film and giving it bad marks telling people that the movie was terrible and that Brie Larson sucks, not really giving any specific reasons why they thought the film was bad.

Captain Marvel was actually good by the way and deserved every bit of that 1 billion dollars it earned.

Carol Danvers doesn’t smile in her promo art, however, most of the men from the MCU also didn’t smile in their promo art either. So why was this an issue? Because she’s a woman leading her own superhero film.

There was an interview with Don Cheadle, Brie Larson, and Chris Hemsworth NOT talking about Avengers Endgame and although the interview seemed normal and playful, people found a way to turn it around and make it seem like Brie was acting like a “bitch” (for lack of better words).

Don Cheadle took to Twitter to debunk the rumors about how “the Avengers cast didn’t get along with Brie”. Also calling out O’Brien for trying to slam the actress for just existing.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has had an interesting storyline in the comics. The character used to be called Ms. Marvel however was recently reimagined back in 2012 to take the name “Captain Marvel”.

Carol Danvers has always been “Hotheaded” and we see some of that in her first solo film. However, she hasn’t had that much growth as a character in the MCU. The problem with Carol is that she had her mind messed with and it’s going to take her time to find out who she really is.

The reason she only had 15 minutes of screen time in the Avengers 3 hour film was that she hasn’t really had time to develop as a character, and because Brie Larson shot her scenes for “Avengers Endgame” before she even had a script for “Captain Marvel”. I believe they didn’t want her to do too much in the film since they didn’t really know how that character will develop in the next few years.

At this point, Carol was used as a “big gun” during the battle with Thanos in Avengers Endgame, and that’s all she needed to be there for at that moment, to turn the tides.

Carol Danvers is an overpowered superhero, she has proven to be stronger than Thanos without Infinity Stones. We have all seen how she can destroy entire ships by her self, and this kind of power could possibly go to the head.

At this point in the MCU Captain Marvel is the strongest MCU character. Moving forward we will see her weakness, and we will see Carol hit rock bottom. This is important for the development of her character. I feel this will make Carol more likable in the MCU moving forward.

Steve Rogers explains it better in a comic clip. Read it here.


We are at the very beginning of the next chapter of the MCU, and both Brie Larson and Captain Marvel are just beginning their stories. Rather you like her or not, there are a lot of people who do and they will take every petty comment you make with a grain of salt. One Billion dollars tells us people like her, and that’s enough to keep going.

To all the people out there who tried to throw shade at Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. We are unbothered so keep it moving.

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