Disney Assumes Full Control Over Hulu

Cutting the cord just got a lot more complicated.

As of today, Disney is in full control over Hulu after purchasing AT&T’s 10 percent stake. This grows Disney’s ownership to 70 percent of the company. NBC Universal still owns 30 percent of Hulu, allowing them to keep their content on the service. Disney and NBC Universal made a deal that would keep NBC’s content on the streaming service until 2024, meanwhile NBC can monetize their content until then.

NBC Universal can still pull its content in 3 years, this means Hulu customers will lose access to shows like SNL, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This is Us, Superstore, Will and Grace, and Good Girls among others.

Don’t worry though, NBC is developing their own streaming service that is supposed to be available in 2020. But honestly, do we need another streaming service? People now have to choose what they want and what they are willing to pay for.

We are seeing more and more networks and media giants starting streaming services, some remain free like Sony’s Crackle, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, The CW, and Vudu. Of course, these services come with video ads, before during and after the show or movie. They are still free to use and the most popular right now.

While Comcast and Time Warner struggle to keep customers from cutting the cord, it seems that networks aren’t making it any easier now more than ever.

My best advice for people who cut the cord like me. Know what you want to keep and what you want to watch and stick with that. Make a streaming service budget, cancel services you aren’t watching and keep a lookout for free services.

Also, check with your mobile service provider. If you have Sprint, they offer Hulu Basic for free. If you are a T-Mobile customer Netflix is offered for free.

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