Ma | Movie Review

A lonely middle-aged woman (Octavia Spencer) with mental issues befriends some teenagers and decides to let them party in the basement of her home, however things go wrong when Ma starts to let her past control her behavior.


Ma is a bonified suspense thriller that follows a group of teens in a small town. Similar set up for movies we’ve all seen before. This story is completely original and takes a turn for the worse as the story progresses with suprises.

Suspense Factor

The movie is strange from the start however some of the greatest moments were during the second and third acts. The movie is rated R and for good reason. There are some very unfortunate scenes in the film and some moments I had to turn away from the screen.


Octavia Spencer has the creepy woman vibe down packed and her scenes outshine everyone else she shares them with. This is Octavia Spencers first thriller film, and her first headliner film and she completely delivers.

Rewatch Value

Ma is a movie I believe people could go back and watch multiple times. It will become a great addition to you’re movie library.


Ma was definitely a great movie, it had a great story, it had morals, it teaches valuable and useful lessions about bullying and mental health while continueing to be a original entertaining film for people to enjoy.

Score: 9/10

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