Dark Phoenix | Review (Is not as bad as they say)

Dark Phoenix “a X-Men film” was an attempt to do right by the very popular Marvel Comics story “The Phoenix Saga”. After the “Last Stand” didn’t live up to fans expectations. 

Dark Phoenix is a film that follows Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) who becomes super powerful thanks to a cosmic force that enhances her telepathic mutant abilities. Jean finds out that Charles Xavier (James MacAvoy) lied to her about her parents and she becomes more and more consumed by the rage and pain from herself and those around her. While a race of aliens known as the D’Bari who traked the power source to earth and are now seeking her out to kill her and destroy the power within her.


Although the story fits more with the comic book version it seems that the writers still struggled with fully capturing the scope of the Phoenix Saga. To be completely honest, the Phoenix saga could have been a 3-movie trilogy if it was done right. However, we just didn’t get the full scale of the epic story that we should have and so the film’s story seemed rushed and late to the table. 

Acting and Characters

Our star-studded cast Turner, MacAvoy, Shipp, Fassbender, Lawrence and Chastain all did a phenomenal job with their characters bringing everything they had to the films plot.

Some of the secondary characters like Storm, Scott, and Quick Silver were underutilized in the movie and were only used as Charles “attack dogs” who only acted when they were told too. These are some of the most iconic characters from the franchise and they continue to underutilize them. 


The film was more serious than what you would find in a typical Marvel movie, most of the X-Men movies took a more serious tone. I don’t think the movie suffered from it however there could have been more lighter moments to the film, but we didn’t get that. 

Stunts and CGI

One of the best things about this film was that they didn’t use a lot of CGI except for the obvious moments where you couldn’t help but to utilize CGI. Simon Kinberg (Writer and Director) mentioned that he wanted the film to feel real and raw, so they decided use lest computer enhanced effects. However, this choice did make some of the great moments in the movie feel watered down and lack luster. 


Although most of the camera work was perfect, some of the close-up shots seemed too close for too long making those moments feel awkward.


Simon Kinberg wrote X-Men: Last Stand but this time he was given the opportunity to write and direct Dark Phoenix. While the movie holds up well on screen, once again it did seem rushed and predictable.

Some people may have wanted a more epic conclusion for this X-Men saga, but they will be disappointed if they think that’s what they are going to get.

Dark Phoenix isn’t a bad film. Yes, it has it’s pit falls, and moments of uncertainty however it’s in no way a bad movie. X-Men fans will enjoy the movie even if it’s not the epic conclusion to the Fox run of the franchise we were hoping for.

The score was great especially “Gap”, so kudos to Hans Zimmer for giving us some amazing music for the film. Marvel Studios should keep him in mind for the reboot. 

Now that this version of the X-Men movies are done all we can do now is sit and wait for Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige to recreate the mutant world to fit in with the MCU.

Total Score: 7.5/10

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