Marvel’s Avengers Game at E3 Is Recieving Mixed Feelings

The wait is almost over!

Well, the wait will be almost one whole year.

Yesterday Square Enix revealed there Marvel Avengers game. One of the most highly anticipated games of the year.

The presentation came after Square Enix revealed more Final Fantasy games and they did not disappoint.

However the new trailer for the Avengers game lacked actual gameplay, and while this is the first Avengers game to be given the royal TLC most comic book games get now. The trailer only gave us cinematic footage and a very very small amount of actual gameplay footage and quite frankly it was not that impressive.

Most comic book games from earlier times were absolute trash, but then games like Sony’s Spider-Man, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Marvels Ultimate Alliance game reinvented just how comic book character games can be with the right team of fans, creators and the right gaming company to power it.

Although some of the lucky people at E3 were able to play some of the game at the Square Enix E3 booth, I haven’t been able to find any “leaked” footage of the Square Enix gaming booths of people playing the Avengers Game.

Game Details

The game featured some of our well-known heroes, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron-Man, Hulk, and Thor. (That’s right, Hawkeye was missing from the debut) Some fans weren’t very pleased with this. However, the developers of the game promised that more characters will be playable in the game absolutely free.

The game will also be co-op multiplayer online, so you can hook up with your friends and play together. No other details about if the game will be cross-platform multiplayer or not. Sony’s PlayStation is getting exclusive beta access with a pre-order and other goodies that are being kept as a surprise.

Sorry Xbox owners. (I’m talking about ME)

Character Design

This game is Crystal Dynamics version of the iconic Marvel heroes. Meaning the characters look nothing like the movie versions we spent 11 years getting to know. I’m sure it would have cost the company millions of dollars if they were to get anyone from the movies to do voice over or allow the developers of the game to use their likeness in the game.

The characters look ok, and this might be an early draft finish of the characters. The games developers also mentioned that the characters will have customizable outfits and powers so don’t worry if you didn’t like the outfits chosen for the trailer.


While the presentation did not provide actual gameplay, we only know that part of the game outside of the single player campaign will be multiplayer co-op up to 4 players online. It is still unknown if the word will be free roaming, similar to the Spider-Man games. If it’s not, this will probably be my only con of the game so far.


Since this was the official reveal of the game I’m hoping Crystal Dynamics would have given us more information and some hands on gameplay. They say they are creating a game that the fans will really want, so I’m holding their word to that. We want a open world game, fully customizable characters, upgradable equipment, fluid and satisfying gameplay and the ability to choose what we want to do.

For now here is the trailer for Marvel Avengers coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia in May 2020.

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