MIB: International | Full Review

MIB International is a continuation of the Men in Black film franchise that follows top secret agents that protect the earth from intergalactic threats. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson play Agent H, and Agent M. Agent H (Hemsworth) a more seasoned Agent, gets partnered up with Agent M (Thompson) the newbie after she spends 20 years confirming that the MIB exists. A super powerful weapon that could destroy an entire star system ends up in the wrong hands and causes major problems for the new duo. 


The whole plot of the film is similar to the first MIB film, there is a wanted device or item that can destroy the world or cause a war. The MIB have to stop whatever threat is out to use it. The writing was not very good, making the entire film predictable. 


Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson all put on amazing performances, bringing life to the otherwise dry action comedy. If the writing was better and more creative the film could have been better. 

CGI/ Stunts

The first MIB film came out in 1997, when CGI character use was cutting edge for the movie making business, but some of the characters were still puppets, or people in extreme alien makeup. Today CGI characters and CGI animation are all that was used in the move, although they seem life like some of the animation felt off or not detailed enough to be believable.


F. Gary Gray, who has directed movies like “Friday”, “Law Abiding Citizen” and “Straight Outta Compton” did a great job at pushing the generic narrative and direction that the previous MIB films did but brought nothing new to the story. The lack of vision from his direction only dealt more damage to the film. It’s almost like Sony hired him to make sure the film had a director but with no creative feedback.

Re-watch Value

As a MIB movie you could watch this movie again in passing, but there is nothing about it that will make you return to the theater for an encore. If you’re not a MIB fan you probably won’t watch the film again. 


The movie is a solid watchable film, some of the laughable moments in the film didn’t move me, but there was a chuckle here and there (My theater was dry). They used the same concepts of the previous films by having the alien creatures be the comic relief. Hemsworth is always good at being a dynamic character, as well as Tessa. I could watch them in any movie, together or apart. The movie is good by itself; I just wish there was something new about it. 

Final Score 6/10

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