Why A Live Action X-Men Series Is a Better Way Go for The MCU

So, we should all know by now that Disney owns most of Fox, this includes Fox rights to Marvel characters like the X-Men. 

With those iconic characters like Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Beast among others back with Marvel we can start to wonder what Marvel Studios will do now that they have access to the characters. 

Obviously, a X-Men movie reboot would be on most people’s minds moving out of Fox’s run of the franchise, but Marvel Studios isn’t looking to reboot the X-Men just yet, in fact we probably won’t see any X-Men characters for a few years since the dust hasn’t settled yet after Dark Phoenix. 

According to Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige, unofficial announced projects from the studio could take up the next five years of release dates. This may or may not include Marvel Studios TV shows on Disney Plus. 

Speaking of Disney Plus, there is a lot of opportunity here. A Star Wars show, and live action Marvel shows are in development for the streaming service, some will begin filming later this fall. 

But what about a X-Men live action show? Now I know what you are saying. “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GIFTED” Yes, the Gifted did get canceled after its second season, but were not talking about that. 

X-Men are full of potential, full of great characters that all have stories to tell, origins to explore and great adventures to go on. 

Instead of having 2+ hours of underdeveloped characters and non-satisfying story arks, give them a series that could provide the X-Men with a greater opportunity, much greater than a movie trilogy could give. Characters would have more screen time more time to develop a better connection with the audience. These are some of the things a series like this could do, and because the Marvel shows will be connected on a much deeper level than they were before a lot could possibly come from this like more content for Disney Plus.

A lot of people will say, giving the X-Men a tv show is a complete downgrade from the movies. Today TV shows and movies are becoming more and more common amongst top studios while providing more opportunities for writers, directors and actors to join and be a part of something greater. 

With the right budget, and I’m sure Disney can afford it, they could possibly create something very good and genuinely likable if they introduce the X-Men in their own series. 

What do you think?

Do you think the X-Men will have a better opportunity to thrive as an MCU series?

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