Avengers Endgame Back In Theaters Next Week With Additional Content

You heard that right! Avengers Endgame is coming back to theaters but with a total of 7 minuets of bonus footage.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige let it slip the other day during an interview that the film would be re-released in theaters on Friday, June 28th with bonus video after the credits.

“I don’t know if it’s been announced already but were re-releasing Endgame in theaters with some additional content after the credits. A deleted scene, a tribute, and something special”

Kevin Feige

Avengers Endgame is currently the second highest grossing film of all time behind Avatar. The film is around 45 million dollars shy of dethroning the James Cameron film.

I think it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios and Disney are making an effort to beat Avatar by enticing its audience to see Avengers Endgame one last time with this bonus content.

But will it be enough to beat Avatar? It only takes one weekend at the movies for a film to make millions of dollars. Is the bonus content enough to get fans to come back?

I know I’ll probably go see the movie just for the bonus content.

Will you go? Let me know if you plan on seeing the film one last time in the theaters.

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