Avengers Endgame Re-Release, Was is Worth it? Plus Bonus Video clip!

There is without a doubt that Marvel made an effort to beat out Avatar by re-releasing Avengers Endgame this past weekend calling it a Bonus Content movie event.

Most fans and people who wanted to see the film again took to theaters this past weekend, I know my theater was sold out, and most of the other theaters in my area had limited avalability for the film. You would have thought it was premiere weekend.

Unfortunately, Endgame did not take the number one spot from Avatar, with only about 30 million dollars behind at the global box office.

Although most people enjoyed seeing the movie again, we all only saw it too see what kind of bonus content they would include in the move, and many comments afterward were people saying how it was a letdown.

When the movie event was announced it didn’t take long for people to find out what the bonus content would include. We were hoping they were wrong.


The following video contains a Stan Lee tribute, a Hulk (unfinished) deleted scene, and a clip teaser for Spider Man: Far From Home.

Bonus Content Video: Owned by Disney