Where Is Gamora?|A Theory and Deleted Scene Details

Although we watched Gamora die at the hands of her own father Thanos as he sacrificed her for the soul stone during Avengers: Infinity War the character has returned thanks to TIME TRAVEL!

A deleted scene from Avengers Endgame shows a moment after Tony snaps away Thanos and his army. Everyone takes a knee when Tony dies in Pepper’s arms to honor the fallen hero.

Because Gamora doesn’t know her new super friends the scene shows her for a moment right before she walks off screen.

The new question is still “Where is Gamora?”

The scene in the movie shows Peter Quill searching for Gamora right before Thor walks onto the ship. Quill is looking for Gamora, however, is it a good idea to be looking for someone who has no connection or interest in being found?

The Gamora we meet in Avengers Endgame has not gone through the trials and tribulations of Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2 and Avengers Infinity War. All she knows is that she needs to help Thanos find all 6 infinity stones.

Another interesting thing to point out about this Gamora is that she already knows where the soul stone is. She knows what Thanos wants to do with the stones, so she continued to hide that information from him until he finds out she’s been lying to him this whole time.

Gamora always knew in her heart that Thanos’s plan wasn’t good, she had to help him anyway because he was too powerful to stop on her own. Withholding information from him about the soul stone only delayed the inevitable.

This Gamora has no ties to anyone else she met during the battle besides Nebula, she felt she had no reason to stick around. Thanos has been stopped and erased from existence.

Gamora could still be on earth, we don’t know how many space ships were destroyed in the battle, she may have decided to stay on earth until she figures out what to do next, her whole world, everything she knew and lived for was gone. She didn’t have a home to go back to, and she had no reason to go with the Guardians since she didn’t know them.

All of Gamora’s character development after Avengers Infinity War have been reset. She’s not the same, and who knows what the mental ramifications will be after Thanos is gone, and she’s left fending for herself.

Gamora could become a bounty hunter, hunting wanted criminals for credits to get by. She is the deadliest woman in the galaxy, there’s no doubt she turns into a different version of herself, someone we never met moving forward.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is set to be a part of Marvel Studios phase five plan. James Gunn is still set to direct, and he also wrote the screenplay for the film. There may be some rewrites on the script however overall the movie won’t begin production until after James Gunn finishes with his other film.

Where do you think Gamora went after she left the battleground? What’s your theory?

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