Everything We Know About Marvel Studios “Eternals”

The film is based on characters created by Jack Kirby in 1970, although the series was canceled without resolving any of its plots. Then the Eternals returned in 1985, 2000, 2003, then again in 2006. In a comic story by Jason Aron “Avengers”, there was a story ark where the Eternals were killed by the Dark Celestials.

Brief Fictional History about the Eternals

The Eternals were created by celestials, who also created the vile creatures known as the Deviants. There have been several generations of Eternals spanning over millions of years. A group of Eternals swore to protect the earth from harm, and during the present day, they help and come into contact with the Avengers and other superhumans of earth. In Marvel history, it has been said that the Eternals living on earth and the celestials experimenting on earthlings is the reason why there are super-powered humans on earth. The Eternals live for millennia, some even living on the planet Titan for a time where Thanos was born.

The Eternals look human and they are known to blend in with earthlings they have been living on earth for years before Avengers protected the earth.

We don’t know when the Eternals film will take place, some sources say it will take place between two eras. One possibly being during ancient Greek times, and the other during the present day.
It would make sense to start the film this way to learn more history about Celestials and the Eternals, we know very little about them, and the comics were not that popular.

Image of a Celestial “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014)

Surprisingly, Marvel decided to take the Eternals (an unknown comic book story in the marvel universe) and turn it into a movie. Although we’ve been teased of Eternals and Celestials before. Once during Guardians of the Galaxy when the collector was explaining the history of the power stone.

Thanos is an Eternal however his back story is more complicated, and according to Marvel history, Thanos is only half Eternal, so he isn’t as strong as his ancestors or the Eternals that we will meet in the upcoming film. Thanos was also the only known Eternal that has the deviant syndrome, although it was never mentioned in the MCU about his history yet, the syndrome seems to only exist on Titan.

So far, in the MCU Captain Marvel is and was stronger than Thanos, however a full Eternal, may be someone she couldn’t possibly go toe to toe with, at least not alone. Eternals are immortals, its possible that the only way one can be killed is by decapitation, although it hasn’t been proven, and it would take a very strong individual and possibly a strong weapon to do this.

Let’s meet the Eternals

Image credit: MCU Direct on Twitter

In the comics, Eternals bodies contain cosmic energy, and they maintain constant mental control over every molecule of their body. Full Eternals all share the same abilities, flight, super strength, energy blast, telepathy, and a force field that protects them continuously. Eternals can also breath under water, and can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Some Eternals have other abilities that they have practiced over time, like Makkari who devoted most her existence and energies to the improvement of her personal speed. Kingo who possesses all the power of a Eternal chooses to fight in the traditional manner of a Samurai. Thena’s abilities are similar to a DC comic character Wonder Woman, increased agility and super strength.

So far Marvel Studios has not announced that they were casting Sersi, one of the more favorable characters in the comic book in my opinion, but if we know Marvel, they are full of surprises.

What do you think of this announcement so far? Is an Eternals movie something you would be interested in seeing?

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