Marvel Studios Eternals | Plot Details and More

The comic everyone forgot about is getting its big-screen debut. Why Marvel is turning one of its less popular comics into a full-blown feature film.

The Eternals is lesser-known in the world of comics, only long-term fans of the comics only ever heard of the Eternals since some of the characters were featured in some other comics like the Avengers and X-Men.
Since some of the stories of the comics aren’t well known it’s safe to say that the writers could be taking similar plot themes from the comics and adapting them directly into what the film could focus on.

The Eternals focuses more on larger than life concepts. Celestial beings created humans, Eternals, and deviants and placed them on earth. Most of them hide their true identity and live among humans.

The saga of the Eternals began millions of years ago when the cosmic beings known as the Celestials genetically experimented on humans, creating the super-powered and near-immortal beings and a more monstrous off-shoot known as the Deviants. The two races moved behind the scenes throughout human history while also engaging in a “Game of Thrones-style” cosmic powerplays.

Among the characters, Ikaris, fueled by cosmic energy, Sersi, who relishes moving amongst the humans, and Thena often is mistaken for the Greek Goddess Athena.

Sersi has not yet been cast for the film, however, Gemma Chan was being eyed for a role in the Eternals. It is still unknown if she will portray her character Minerva from Captain Marvel or join the cast as Sersi. If so, Gemma Chan will be the first actress to take on a different character in the MCU.

The Neil Gaiman series from 2006 is the perfect story to adapt into a screenplay.

Eternals 2006 (comic) plot

A kid TV star going by his given Eternal name “Sprite” the Eternal who never grows old was angered that he will never become a man, induced collective amnesia over the other Eternals with a plan to create an alternate reality where he could grow up. Only Ikaris knew he was Eternal. Everyone else went on living life thinking they were ordinary normal humans until the sleeping Celestial robotic casing that was buried deep under Golden Gate Park for millions of years was awakened and rose up from its slumber underground to judge humanity.

Eternals 2008 (comic) plot

In (2008 – 2009) Eternals: Manifest Destiny by Charles Knauf and Daniel Knauf, Makkari is the only Eternal that can communicate with the Dreaming Celestial. In the comics, if Makkari dies the Dreaming Celestial initiates a sound that calls the horde to earth with the task to eradicate all living life on the planet. The horde, are reapers (planet destroyers) not even a celestial can stop the reapers from destroying an entire planet.

Most of the cast for the film has been selected, with a few characters still yet to be found for the film.

Cast of the Eternals with directer Chloe Zhao (center) with Angelina Jolie

Marvel has hired Ryan Firpo, and Matthew Firpo (cousins) to adapt the Jack Kirby story into a screenplay. Matthew Firpo has won several awards and was named one of Forbs 30 under 30. The Eternals will be the Firpo’s first feature film.

The director Chloe Zhao has had two feature films in her career so far. She wrote and directed “Songs my brothers taught me” 2015 and wrote and directed “The Rider” 2017. Both critically acclaimed and received many awards at the Sundance film festival.