The Sony+Marvel+Disney DEAL | Spider-Man In Limbo

You’ve all probably heard by now that Disney and Sony have been renegotiating contracts so that Marvel Studio’s can continue to make Spider-Man movies, make money and so that Spider-Man can continue to appear in future MCU films.

The original agreement was that Sony would make 100% of the box office income for Spider-Man films, and Marvel would take any revenue from Spider-Man merchandise, including comics.

The contract allowed Marvel Studios to not only make Spider-Man films but also use Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the MCU for crossovers, and continue to be a staple in the powerhouse movie franchise.

When the negotiations were happening Disney asked that all profits from the box office be split 50/50, Sony declined the offer. Sony then made a counter offer, offering a small portion of the box office income to Marvel but Disney declined. This is when the internet start hearing news that Sony and Marvel split up.

This isn’t the end of the negotiations however a Sony representative did mention to io9 that the conflicts are over producer credit and the negotiations are still ongoing. Kevin Feige has also contributed to other Spider-centric movies that he did not receive producer credit on.

We still don’t fully know what this means for Tom Holland and the other actors from the films. Tom Holland has already played Spider-Man in 5 MCU films. According to interviews with the British actor he would love to continue playing Peter Parker for years and years to come.

Sony knows they have a good thing going with Disney and that their track history proves that they need a Marvel mastermind like Kevin Feige and his creative team to do right by Spider-Man and not give us that Andrew Garfield foolishness they tried to sell us.

It would be completely idiotic to sever ties with Disney and Marvel since Spider-Man is meant to play in the same universe as the rest of Marvel’s sea characters.

As for Spider-Man 3, it looks like that is still happening with-in the MCU however if the Sony and Disney deal fall through we could be saying goodbye to the Tom Holland Spider-Man sooner than we thought.