Something Wicked May Be Coming to the “Charmed-Verse”

Shonda Rhimes the woman responsible for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, tweeted an article via her production company twitter account “Shondaland” about the house used in the now-classic TV show Charmed, not the new Charmed.

The post was liked by Hulu and many fans now speculate if Shonda Rhimes might be bringing back the classic Charmed series with the same cast on Hulu. Either in the form of an animated series for Hulu since the image was animated and not the actual image of the house.

Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano both recently followed Shondaland’s twitter page the other day, and posted a photo together.

Holly also mentioned on social media that due to work commitments she will only be available on Friday and Saturday during the Wizard World Sacramento event later in September saying “Charmed fans will not be mad at it. Like at all” that’s all she could say. Holly hasn’t done any film or TV related work since her time on Pretty Little Liars tv series that ended in 2017.

As of right now there is already a Charmed series being produced by CBS on the CW, however its not the show fans were expecting and everyone still wants a Charmed show with the same cast as the original.
As far as rights and licensing the series that Constance M. Burge created still might be owned by CBS however it is unclear if the character rights belong to CBS or only the mythology.

As for now we will have to wait until the Wizard World Sacramento event occurs, which is where the big announcement will be made.

What do you think is happening? Could Shondaland be working to produce a new Charmed Series?