Eternals – Why Thanos May Return In Future MCU Films

With the Eternals film just over 1 year away I wanted to do a little digging about Thanos who is actually an Eternal with the MUTANT X GENE!

Yes, Thanos, the big bad purple alien who wanted to get rid of half the universe for the past 11 years in the MCU is a mutant.

In the comics Thanos is the son of the Eternal A’Lars and Sui-San the founders of their home on Titan. Thanos was born with the Deviant Syndrome, a mutant-X gene that makes him half deviant and half Eternal. Because of this Thanos is weaker than the typical Eternal. Deviants are also weaker than a Eternal however significantly out number Eternals.

Thanos grew angry with his syndrome and raged war on his home planet Titan after several attempts were made to kill him by his own family. Thanos even killed his mother and dissected her in attempts to learn why he was so different from other children.

Since we are far from knowing the plot for Marvel Studios Eternals, there is not much to speculate on except the comics. Rumors suggest the film may be adapted from the Neil Gaiman comics that mainly focus on the Eternals living on earth and have forgotten that they are Eternals until they discover they have abilities when faced with adverse situations. It’s a good read, I suggest picking it up.

Other rumors suggest that since the Eternals live for millions of years Eternals film will take place during different time periods from Ancient Greece, mid-evil times and possibly modern times.

We may even get a history lesson about specific details like Knowhere, the head of a celestial, and a glimpse back when Thanos was young.

Sorces also suggest that Josh Brolin is still contractually obligated to Marvel Studios for a few more unknown Marvel films. Since his character Thanos was erased from existence in 2023 it is safe to say that we may see an earlier version of Thanos again in a future MCU film.

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