Another Attempt To Tarnish Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Has People Very Upset

Just when we thought the Captain Marvel hate was over and we could finally move on an article posted by Cosmic Book News reported that Disney has “lost confidence” in Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and that somehow the Disney-Sony split has exacerbated the situation.

So far “We Got This Covered” and “Screen Geek” both posted articles about what “Cosmic Book News” posted and it seems to have fabricated the rumor.

The article mentioned that Marvel Studios had planned to use Spider-Man to “make Carol Danvers more likable” in the MCU, but now that Peter Parker is gone from the MCU Disney is worried about the future of Captain Marvel.

The article is being blown out of proportion because of the Spider-Man problem so I think the writer of the article is trying to cause more controversy with the character since its mostly being based on a rumor.

The news basically snowballed out of control because Kevin Feige hasn’t announced “Captain Marvel 2” for phase 4 or 5. He only mentioned that a second Captain Marvel film is in development. We haven’t heard if the same writers and directors will be returning to the project.

It wouldn’t be the first time Marvel Studios hired new directors for a sequel film. Captain America The First Avenger was directed by Joe Johnson, however, the second and third Captain America films were directed by the Russo Brothers. Iron Man 1 and 2 were directed by Jon Favreau but Shane Black ended up directing the third Iron Man film. All three Thor films each had different directors. Which is probably why they all felt different.

It’s unclear why some directors didn’t return for sequels. It could have been due to underperforming films, bad reviews or box office numbers. However, it may be one of the reasons why Captain Marvel 2 isn’t in any of the upcoming phases.

Marvel Studios may be looking to hire a new director. Anna Biden and Ryan Fleck may not be returning to work on Captain Marvel’s second film, even though the film joined the billion-dollar club. The film received mixed reviews for legit reasons not just from the “review bombing” that occurred when the film was released, but from some legit critics saying the film struggled a bit and they didn’t like the pacing. I personally enjoyed the film from beginning to end and can watch it again and again, however, not everyone felt the same way I did and that’s fine.

Don’t get me wrong Captain Marvel has a large fan base, but it almost feels like there are an overwhelming amount of Captain Marvel bashers out there who like to troll the internet. This article was a prime example of how trolls use their platforms to spread fake and fabricated rumors to further spread lies.

In a memoir based on his last 15 years in charge of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger mentioned that he faced several roadblocks after Disney acquired Marvel. Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter wasn’t going to allow Disney to make a Black Panther and a Captain Marvel film. In 2015 Perlmutter stopped overseeing Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige was appointed the president of the studio and to report directly to Disney chairman Alan Horn.

According to the Yahoo News article, Kevin Feige was frustrated over Marvel Entertainment’s boss about the issue which is why Feige is now in charge of Marvel Studios, and Kevin Feige will be producing several Marvel TV shows on Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney Plus.

We have seen several times before that the slated film and now TV show release schedule from Marvel Studio changes often. Some things get pushed back, and some things get changed into a failed ABC show.

Regardless of all this, the bottom line is that films become better with the right filmmakers. When something doesn’t work with one particular film a new filmmaker is sought. We just have to believe that’s what’s happening here and enjoy what’s to come from the MCU in 2020.