INSERT MUTANTS: How NEW MUTANTS Could Introduce The X-Men Into the MCU

Delay after Delay, the film that had a trailer released almost 2 years ago has a release date of April 3rd, 2020.

New Mutants , a film thats based on the X-Men characters previously owned by Fox did not test well with Disney during a screening, and the film was removed from its August 2019 release date.

It was rumored that the film was to receive reshoots, and now Disney is saying that they are pleased with the film and they are ready to distribute it theatrically next year.

We are still unsure if the film got any of the planned reshoots it was supposed to get, and Disney’s acquisition of Fox did complicate things as New Mutants is a “Marvel Movie” just not a MCU film.

Now that the mutant characters are back at home with Marvel Studios we will now get the connected worlds we get from the comics.

New Mutants is in a perfect position to be a conduit for the mutant uprising in the MCU.

The following is details on how the MCU can introduce Mutants using “New Mutants”

New Mutants Potential Plot Theory

The story of the New Mutants already take place in a “mental institution” where young mutants just discovering they have abilities are forced to fight to stay alive while trying to escape the facility.

Scientists have captured and have been experimenting on the young mutants while keeping them tucked away in this facility. Something happens behind the walls of the hospital leaving the young mutants to fend for themselves while planning to escape.

Humans with the mutant X gene were being hunted down probably by Sentinels or the likes of such these humans diagnosed with the mutant X gene remained hidden for several years out of the public eye, until the New Mutants are discovered and other mutants are forced to come out of hiding.

School For Gifted Youngsters

While all of this is happening the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters had to remain hidden from the public using cloaking technology that kept the location of the School off maps, instead of just the school facility the compound is a small town with homes, apartments, and shops, all being hidden using similar to the cloaking system that keeps Wakanda hidden. (I mean this is a Marvel movie right?) There professor Xavier and his X-Men were training and protecting young mutants from harm.

Meanwhile, Magneto and his group of mutants remain secure on the secluded island of Genosha. They dont ‘t communicate with anyone on the outside and they don’t interfere with any of the Avenger level affairs around the world.

When the escaped young mutants from the secret facility make the international news Professor Xavier and Magneto decide that they can no longer hide from the rest of the world.

More Production Details

There were some details provided from an unknown source that Antonio Banderas was cast to play an undisclosed villain in the film for a post-credit scene, however, the scene was changed when reshoots happened. It is now understood that an unnamed actor will play Mister Sinister in a post-credit scene for the film instead.

It has also been reported that the theatrical version of “The New Mutants” had been recut by Marvel Studios to remove all references to Fox’s X-Men film series so as to allow a potential retroactive inclusion of the film into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in both its finished form and potentially future installments.

New Mutants will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios, it is unclear if Marvel Studios will be credited on the project even though they are being used to edit the film before its release on April 3rd, 2020. Do you think the New Mutants film will bring the X-Men into the MCU, or do you think it is going to be a one-shot film that Disney has to release like they did Dark Pheonix? Share your thoughts on our twitter page BloggsGq