Should Sony Sell Spider-Man To Disney?

A new rumor suggests that Disney may be looking to buy character rights for Spider-Man sometime in the future. The offer was rumored to be between $4b – $5 billion dollars.

In 1998 Marvel sold its Spider-Man film rights to Sony for $7 million dollars in efforts to settle a debt with Viacom and MGM during their bankruptcy. Sony went on to produce several Spider-Man films during that time.

Now that Marvel is owned by Disney they have produced several mainstream films to date. You may have heard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During this time Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige struck a deal with Sony to borrow Spider-Man for several films for the MCU including two solo Spider-Man films. Everything went well until the contractual arrangement ended after the film Spider-Man Far from home was released, which was the 5th MCU film Tom Holland Spider-Man appeared in.

Since then a new deal was being made between Disney and Sony in which Spider-Man will have a third solo film in the MCU and appear in another MCU team-up film.

However, the new rumor suggests that Disney may be trying to make Sony an offer they can’t refuse, by offering Sony $4 or $5 billion dollars for filming rights to Spider-Man. Sony has never had a film make over $1 Billion dollars in the box-office until Spider-Man: Far From Home joined the club after its theatrical release earlier this year.

Disney’s offer is impressive and is more money than Sony could make after releasing several “spider-verse” movies over the next 10 years. But the question still remains, how much is Spider-Man worth?

Spider-Man is a beloved character for Marvel and for people all over the world. He’s a household name, everybody knows who and what Spider-Man is and what he can do. So when the Sony Spider-Man movies were being made everyone ran to the theaters to see it. To this very day, Spider-Man has an impressive fan base. He is more popular than all of the other Marvel characters we know.

As it stands Marvel Studios needs a new face for the MCU, and if the rumors are correct they are looking for Spider-Man to be the new face now that Captain America and Iron Man are gone. We still have Black Panther and Captain Marvel who will be leading the way into the new phase for the MCU but if Marvel Studios can get Spider-Man that would be a tremendous win for the Studio and the fans.

If the rumors turn out to be true and Disney is willing to let go of some stacks for the web-slinger then Spider-Man is more valuable than we know and should be with the creative team that holds all the other characters.