Disney Plus: First Impressions

Disney has released its primary streaming service with all of its content rolled into one app. Disney Plus has been the most anticipated streaming service announced earlier last year and now we can finally have it.

The streaming app is avalable a cross most platforms like Amazon fire, Apple TV, Android TV, and gaming consoles. Content incudes Disney’s feature films, original movies, Marvel films and tv shows, Star Wars, and national geographic content. Most of Disney’s older content has been upscaled for HD TV’s and they look great. Disney plus also offers 4K streaming at no additional charge and they have the content to utilize it.

I’ve had my hands on the service for almost 48 hours now and I was initially impressed with all the content crammed into the service. When the app launched on Tuesday there were some hiccups that caused some subscribers to not be able to use the app. I had this issue around 8 am EST, some of the shows i tried to watch wouldn’t stream, or the app couldn’t load.

Fortunately, Disney took to twitter to advise everyone that they were hard at work fixing the present issues for the service and that the streaming exceeded their expectations. It seems that now the app runs without any issues there are a few times you may log in and get an error message. Disney is still working out the kinks in the service and we should expect everything to smooth out in the next few days.

While I found the app across all devices easy to use there were two issues found that could be fixed with updates.

1. The mobile app doesnt have a share feature. Say you find a show or movie you want someone else to watch, usually there is a share option where you can send the content link via text, social media or email. This option currently isn’t avalable.

2. Recently watched shows or movies don’t populate on your profile’s main screen. This can be frustrating when you want to get back to something you were watching. There is a watchlist where you can add a movie or TV show you are interested in, however, you will have to use the side menu to navigate to it each time you launch the app instead of it is available right on your profile main screen. On mobile devices, the watchlist is in the profile menu.

Once the services gets a few weeks in things may begin to improve. Disney plus is worth the subscription if you have the money. For only $6.99 a month you can’t beat that.